Hangover Recovery Shot – Aids in Hangover Recovery!
Works on Beer, Wine and Liquor.
  • 100% All Natural.
  • USA Green Product.
  • Guaranteed Pure: Only the freshest, purest ingredients are used.
  • Hangover Joe’s Get Up and Go is formulated to Relieve Hangovers.
  • Its the most comprehensive Hangover Recovery Shot on the market for Hangover Relief!
Excessive alcohol consumption impairs the digestion and absorption of Thiamin, Folic Acid/Folate and Vitamins B-12 and C. “The Recovery Shot” is the key to get you back on your feet again, and is what separates Hangover Joe’s Get Up and Go from the rest. Studies show that the B-Complex vitamins are recommended during and after alcohol consumption for a reduction in alcohol related hangover symptoms and that drinking alcohol to excess causes a deficiency in Folic Acid and impairs your motor skills, so you will be needing hiking poles to walk around.
Found in our Recovery Shot is a special combination of key essential amino acids, antioxidants and herbs that have been specially engineered for maximum hangover relief results. This will put you back in the game feeling better than ever relieving the symptons you would normally experience from hangovers!

15% Discount for Military and Students.
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Energy That Leaves a Lasting Impression!

Collect all bottle artwork designed by world renowned Tattoo Artists.

  • Lasts longer with 222mg of caffeine.
  • Revitalize with a complex formula of B Vitamins and Amino Acids.
  • About the same amount of caffeine as a 16oz cup of premium drip coffee.
  • Eternal Energy will help sharpen your mind and keep you feeling your best.
  • Eternal Energy contains approximately 20% more caffeine than the leading energy shot on the market.
The energy shot formula includes L-Arginine, Caffeine as well as other key ingredients which helps deliver a balanced blood flow through the blood vessels thereby optimizing the energy boost. Arginine may also improve oxygen delivery to the heart by allowing more blood flow in the coronary vessels.
Eternal Energy Shot may help in other adult physical activities due to the increased blood flow! Unlike other energy shots that only promise energy, we go above and beyond to carefully select natural energy boost (Ginseng & Guarana),Vitamins (B3, B4, B6 B12), Antioxidants and Amino Acid Arginine.

15% Discount for Military and Students.
Contact Us for More Details [email protected]
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